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LaTonya Neely is a servant who contributes the acceptance of her call into the service of “Servitude" to the teachings and upbringing received through the foundation laid thereof. In the legacy of her paternal grandfather, she thrives in the duty of sharing the word of encouragement and motivation through community. She has served in many capacities as an inspirational speaker and wellness advocate for her community. LaTonya is an advocate for life learning and serving; and believes that service first should be unto God and reflective on one’s true identity. Acknowledging that it is the spirit of love and respect that is ultimately in control, she seeks, daily, a renewed willingness to live with honor.


LaTonya serves her community in the capacities of Legislative Services Coordinator, adjunct faculty, an advocate for children and families, a kinship care consultant and board member for several organizations.

Her husband and she are the proud parents of two children and maintains a community garden that feeds neighbors for free. LaTonya enjoys traveling with family, classic movies, music, dancing and cooking.


LaTonya has chosen to live by this mantra, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Mahatma Ghandi

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Our Story

We are addressing the issues of building healthier families who are not receiving the care they need, and every person deserves to have.  An outcome of the group is that the mothers want more programming geared to them, fitness, stress reliving home exercise, and support/healing groups.  We are providing will provide access to clean, healthy, nutritious food, while educating and empowering the entire family unit on the importance of living a healthy living to support themselves and their babies. We will encourage holistic wellness and encourage eating habits that support the black mother and her lifestyle. We focus on working mothers, tips for feeding children, cooking, gardening, and safe exercising for families in impoverished neighborhoods, gardening monthly. Teaching and sharing that your zip code shouldn't allow you to be deprived of nutritious and delicious food. Building a closer family bond in a healthy way to thrive and enjoy life. Coping skills on how to address stress and open communication without judgment.


Let's end food deserts, promote mental health, build strong bodies and self-love for all people.

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